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The revolution of business inkjet is upon us. The world as we know it today is a greener world with electric cars, solar, wind and wave powered homes, cities and businesses. I strongly believe the world needs to go green, it's the only way forward to sustain a positive future for us currently and the future generations to come.

Epson has released a range of sustainable print equipment for your home and business which will change how you print, how much it cost's to print and the energy being consumed to print your documents. Technology that will revolutionize the way we print daily.

Below are key factors driving this transition are:

Lower cost of printing.

Inkjet printers are claimed to offer up to 50% lower running costs than comparable laser devices. Higher capacity cartridges with higher yields can mean fewer user interventions, better device uptime and less waste.

Energy saving.

Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers use no heat in the printing process, so consume less power. Epson claims its Workforce Pro printers, based on Piezo printhead technology, consume up to 96% less energy than lasers, which in turn reduces running costs.

Diverse media compatibility.

Inkjet printers can print on a diverse range of paper types. As the ink is directly ejected onto the paper, it is possible to print even on specialist media, including heat-sensitive film and thick card. Epson inkjets, which use insoluble and marker-resistant pigment-based ink for all colours, can be used to print waterproof labels and even promotional materials on glossy paper.

Minimal service interventions.

With fewer components to replace than laser and high capacity ink cartridges, business inkjets are likely to experience less downtime and require less time to be spent on changing/ordering consumables,

calling for support etc., thereby reducing IT and overall support costs.

Less waste.

Regardless of page coverage, laser printing uses drums, transfer assemblies and fusers in the printing process. In comparison, business inkjet printers that typically use a permanent printhead have fewer components to replace. If coverage is low, the only consumable used is ink. Epson’s WorkForce Pro models produce up to 94% less waste, according to independent tests.

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