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Managed print service, What is it and how does it work?

Over the recent years technology has evolved at a rapid pace and each day businesses are adapting to the ever changing market. From faster, smaller laptops to mobile scanning and cloud based services. Technology is all around us and we can't hide from it.

As a technology provider we see and understand how important each device, software and solution is to the smallest of business but for some reason the old trusty office printer or photocopier tends to go unnoticed until something goes wrong with it and the office has a meltdown!!

This is when a fully managed print service from Grayscale Solutions will solve all your printing pain points and headaches.

What is a manged print service and how does it work?

A manged print service is a fully supported and monitored service. This provides your business with fully comprehensive support that is tailored to your business wants, needs, requirements and budget.

Below is an insight of what to expect with a managed print service from Grayscale Solutions:

  • Automated toner replenishment

  • Automated meter readings

  • Remote firmware updates

  • Driver updates

  • On-site support

  • Parts and consumables

  • On demand tech support via Whatsapp

  • Admin training

  • Fleet management

  • Proactive maintenance

We look to remove all admin task, minimise downtime and maximise your daily print and workflow. We identify problems and provide solutions, simple.

Contact us today to find out more about our managed print services, solutions and products.

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