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How much does it cost to lease an office printer? Grayscale Solutions explains

The office printer or photocopier is an integral part to any business large or small. All types of documents are printed on a daily basis from invoices to contracts, photos and drawings but what is the best, cost effective way to implement a new print solution into your business?

This depends on firstly your print requirements and monthly print volume, if you are a small business or sole trader that only needs to print A4 documents a few times per day, an affordable, small A4 printer is better off to be purchased for between £200 - £350. If you are printing more than 500-1000 sheets per day a more robust, larger device would be best suited to your requirements, this is where leasing is a more cost effective way of keeping money in the bank for more important things within your business.

Any print equipment above £1000 we would suggest leasing over a period of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years unless you have the budget to purchase the equipment outright. The longer you take the lease over the cheaper your monthly payments will be.

We explain to customers that leasing any office equipment is like leasing a new car, meaning after your lease is up or coming to an end you can upgrade to another new machine without any hassle and based on your current cost, so nothing changes apart from the equipment itself.

We offer our customers a leasing facility via our finance partner Tower leasing. All our rates are competitive and fair. The lease is not through us we are just the middle man referring your business to the finance company. All lease payments are normally taken on a quarterly basis and include VAT.

If you are in the market for a new print solution for your business and not sure on what device or the most cost effective way of implementing it into your business then contact us today for free advice and guidance before signing any paperwork and committing yourself to a lenghty contract.


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