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How simple is your photocopier service agreement?

Service and maintenance contracts can be a minefield of words, phrases and terms and conditions overload but with us we like to keep the process simple and straightforward. Have you ever looked closely at your photocopier or printer contract? The hidden ties and fee's that may be thrown at you 2 or 3 years down the line? And for how long you are actually tied in for?

We have came across numerous contracts where customers are faced with these types of pitfalls and nothing can be done until they reach the point of cancellation or renewal. Grayscale Solutions on the other hand provide customers with some freedom and breathing space. All our service agreements can vary in length and can also be tailored to suit your business requirements, may that be out of hours support, weekend call-outs or same day toner, we have you covered. All our customers need to follow are 4 simple terms and conditions.

Grayscale Solutions Limited agrees to supply and provide all labour, all parts, all consumables and toner/ink in return for payment of service, the cost set within your agreement. If this is not paid within the agreed time scale all service and supplies will stop until the outstanding balance is paid.

Grayscale Solutions Limited will not be held liable for any consequential loss whatsoever arising from defective equipment, service or delivery of consumables.

90 days notice in writing is required by either party to terminate this agreement. Upon doing so you will no longer have any support from Grayscale Solutions Limited.
Grayscale Solutions Limited must be advised of any relocaton of the equipment to allow us to maintain our service level and response time. All relocations will be carried out by our trained staff. 10 day's written notice is required.

So as you can see our service contracts are really simple, straightforward, clear and concise but at the same time providing your business backup and support where and when needed. For more information head over to our ''About Us'' page or contact us by phone on 0800 197 2869 or email us


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