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A4 vs A3

Let us ask you this question, 7 or maybe even 8 times out of 10 how often does your organization actually use the A3 print device in your office to print, copy or scan an A3 document? Rarely or even zero we presume. So ask yourself this, why has your supplier provided you with an A3 device? Were you asked if A3 was even required in your day to day business workings?

The difference in both cost of ownership, whether it be leased or purchased and CPC (cost per copy) on an improperly utilized A3 device can be massive and extremely costly to any business small or large. A jump from A4 to A3 can be anywhere from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds!

We understand that there is a huge market and need out there for A3 devices especially within the construction and design industry, we have a few of these as clients, but most small to medium sized businesses we looked at only print, copy and scan with A4 media and will continue to do so in the future.

We also understand that not all A4 multifunctional devices are capable of the workload an A3 device can output, but with most small to medium sized organizations having a low to medium monthly output a properly implemented A4 devices can save a small fortune over the years.

So with that being said why not contact us today for some good old fashioned honest advice on your current print fleet and let us listen to you, the customer.

Email us - or call us - 0800 197 2869


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